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Rukia Samurai Pen

$25.00Save $14.00

  • Durable construction for a pen.
  • Professional and versatile for any writing task.
  • Long-lasting pen designed for everyday battles.
  • Made of zinc alloy.
  • 23 cm long with a refill.
  • Writing mastery in every stroke.
  • Portable and stylish for on-the-go scribing.
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Unleash elegance and precision with our Katana Pen—a writing instrument inspired by the artistry of samurai swords. Crafted for durability and portability, it’s more than a pen; it’s a style statement. Clip it, write with finesse, and let the limited edition allure make every stroke legendary. Elevate your writing experience with the Katana Pen, where functionality meets fashion in the most unique way.

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